Pasta Pasta Pasta

When it comes supper time, what would anyone want but a nice bowl of pasta. Pasta is by far my favorite dish to eat when I’m looking for a good meal. My favorite pasta ever is Chicken Fetticuni Alfredo, but for supper Monday night, my mom and I made a spinach and tomato pasta. It was the best pasta ever. 

First off, you sweat an onion and garlic in a sauce pan with some olive oil. Add some diced tomatoes and a lot of Italian spice including basil, crushed pepper, and oregano. While the sauce is cooking, cook a half a pound of penne pasta. If your looking for a healthier option, use whole grain pasta. When the pasta is done, drain it and put in a large bowl. Add some cream cheese and Parmesan cheese into the sauce and melt into it. Add sauce to pasta and enjoy. 

The best way to eat the pasta is the day after when its straight out of the fridge. Yum. Image


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