A Buffet of all Buffets

This weekend I went to Ames, Iowa to visit my brother and to go out to eat. We ate at The Mongolian Buffet on University St. The Mongolian buffet was a restaurant similar to the Chinese Buffet and Hu hot. It was a buffet and hibachi grill all in one. It was one of the best places I ate at in a long time. I started of at the buffet which consisted of many Asian meat dishes like orange and sesame chicken, egg rolls and crab rangoons, and many different types of sushi. If you are not interested in Asian cuisine, they also have an American part to their buffet. They had pot roast, mashed potatoes, steak and mushrooms, and many cold pasta dishes. The best part was the grill portion. It was exactly like Hu Hot. You picked your meat, then added noodles, and about 30 different types of vegetables. The final part was adding your sauces. they had different recipes you could follow to make well put together sauces, but I just added what sounded good. If you crave something sweet, they have so many different desserts. They had chocolate and lemon cake, banana cream pie, and little eclairs. This was one of the best buffets I’ve ever eaten at.


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