School Lunches

Ever since Michelle Obama took the First Lady position, school lunches have become much “healthier.” She added the My Plate to the health act which changed the looks of how a plate is composed of food. Ever since she got the health act passed, our school lunches have gone down hill.

Before the healthy food act, my high school got pizza ranch pizza every other Tuesday. It was the best lunch of the week, but now that got taken away. We used to have a full salad bar with a variety of good foods, but that was also taken away. All the food everybody liked was taken away. Now we are forced to take certain foods before we can even check out. Everyone needs to take a serving if fruit and vegetables after getting a nice helping of chicken. Or we think it’s chicken. There is no point in forcing us to take food that we would just throw away and waste.

I have the best solution to that. I being my own lunch everyday. I fill it with food I like and food that fills me up. I have many choices in my lunch compared to the choices I’m given at school. Everybody complains about the school food, but no one does anything about it. you can change it if you bring your own lunch so you won’t spend the rest of your day being hungry.


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