The Best Restaurant Ever

Last Friday, my aunt and I went to the Japanese Steakhouse called Sakura. I’ve been there before, but she hasn’t. To me, this is the best restaurant I’ve ever been to. You either choose to sit in the restaurant section or sit at a hibachi grill. The hibachi grill is the coolest part of the restaurant. The chef begins by heating up a huge stove they cook on in front of you. They then cook a huge portion of fried rice, noodles, and vegetables that everybody gets a helping of. The next thing they cook is a meat of your choice. The fun part of the grill is when the chef throws shrimp at you in order to catch it in your mouth. The best part of the meal is the yum yum sauce. It’s a tangy, kind of sweet sauce that you dip everything in.

When I went with my aunt, we sat in the restaurant  section and I may have liked it better. you get more food and the service is a little better. The best thing I ever ate there was their hibachi chicken. Its a big portion of chicken drenched in their homeade sauce. I really enjoy this type of food because of the variety. There is a great variety of food you can choose from and it’s all delicious. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.


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