Christmas Cookies Galore

Who doesn’t love a huge platter of Christmas cookies? Theres so many different kinds, and each family has different types they make. For instance my family has tradition to make cookies together on a certain day before all of our Christmases. We make about 15 different types each year. From Kringla, to chocolate covered peanut butter ritz, and fudge to chocolate waffle cookies, we make them all. My favorite is the peanut butter ritz cookies. They are so easy to make but so good to eat. You put some peanut butter between two ritz, and dunk them into melted almond bark. That’s it! you can also get creative with these cookies, which is my favorite part. Instead of using milk chocolate almond bark, we also used white chocolate almond bark. I like white chocolate better. after you dunk them, it’s really fun to decorate them with sprinkles. My mom and I do about 6 different combinations with all the sprinkles we have.

I also love going to other family members Christmas parties, because they make different kinds of cookies, we normally don’t. It isn’t just cookies that are good, but the bars and mixes too. I love anything pumpkin, especially the pumpkin bars my aunt makes. I also like what we calls Christmas crack. It’s a chex mix covered with white chocolate, pretzels, and m and m’s.

-Merry Christmas!!Image


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