Christmas Day Feast

Here is the recipie we used.

Every year, my entire moms side of the family congregates and eats a HUGE meal. We usually eat at my great grandparents house, but they downsized so we were forced to go to my great aunts house. Her house is much bigger, and more adaptable for 40 people. We normally eat a traditional turkey, mashed potato, and many different salads kind of dinner. This year we did something very different. Every family brought 2-3 different appetizers and it was awesome. My family brought meatballs covered in an Asian barbecue sauce. We also made wings in an Asian marinade. My uncles family brought buffalo chicken dip, and roasted weenies in grape jelly-chili sauce. My great-grandma made two different fruit trays. We also had a rotel chip dip, and hot wings. I ate a lot of food that night because everything was in easy access. Changing things up can always be fun and different.



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