Christmas Eve

This is the recipie I used.

Tonight is the night where everything about eating healthy goes away. Tonight is when you eat anything and everything you want, and that is exactly what I did tonight. I traveled to Waterloo to visit my grandparents, and go to a candle light service with them. My brother made dinner tonight and it was awesome. He made 2 meatloafss that were very unusual. He pressed out the meat and covered it with an apricot jam and mustard sauce. He then lined it with roasted red peppers and spinach then baked it until it was crispy. He also roasted some carrots covered with cheese. My grandma also made enough potatoes that could have fed two families. for dessert I made a strawberry pretzel salad.

I know the point of Christmas isn’t about the food or presents, but the food makes it so much more fun.




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