The Best Food Ever

Everyone has a favorite type of cuisine when it comes to your favorite food. My favorite cuisine is anything Chinese. Chinese food is the most scrumptious and delicious food ever made. Oddly enough, the best Chinese food I’ve ever had was in Mexico. I stayed at the Moon Palace Reosrt in Ricera Maya, and on the night I got to choose where my family ate, I chose the Chinese restaraunt. This was the most authentic restaurant I’ve ever been to. There were classic decorations on the ceilings, workers were speaking some form of Chinese, and all the food were Classic Chinese dishes.

Since the resort was all inclusive, we could get anything we wanted. I started with egg drop soup and salad with a ginger dressing. Then my main course was shrimp lo mein. The shrimp were big, pink, and juicy. The noodles were covered perfectly in a soy sauce based sauce. It came with the best fried rice I’ve ever indulged in. For dessert, the special was deep fried ice cream. It was chocolate or vanilla ice cream, battered in a panko breaking, deep fried and topped with chocolate sauce. The first time they brought our table dessert mine was completely empty. I just had a ball of fried breading, no ice cream! While I ate that, they brought me a new one!

Chinese is great animageytime of day.


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