Old Time Diner


This weekend I stayed with my grandpa in waterloo. For lunch on Sunday we went to one of his favorite restaurants ever; Maid Rite. Maid Rite is located on Logan Ave or right off University. It isn’t one of my favorite places to eat because I don’t like to eat fast food, but this place has some good food. They specialize in loose meat sandwiches called Maid Rites. They also do other sandwiches, melts, and chicken tenders. My favorite thing is the chicken tenders and fries. The chicken is fried into golden perfection, and the fries are perfectly crispy.

They also have really good ice cream. The do sundaes, malts, and shakes. I don’t like malt powder, but if you do they are very good. I love to dip my fries in shakes. They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Carmel shakes. I love the Carmel shakes when I’m not eating fries,but if I have fries you have to have a vanilla shake.

The decor is very old themed diner. They play ’50s and ’60s music and they have big red leather booths. The atmosphere is very cool, and it brings you back to the past.


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